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Medclick 24/7 has setup a simple process collecting medical patient information online that meets HIPPA and PCI compliance.

What are the Steps of this Data Collection Process?

  1. Lets say the patient is at home and visits their doctor’s web site. she or he clicks on a link to a Patient Registration Form.
  2. The patient now has the Patient Registration Form showing in their browser. At the bottom of the browser they will see a lock. This lock is very important. It indicates that the form is on our SSL Secure Server. What this means is that the patient will be assured that the data they enter will be sent to our server encrypted.All Medical Forms are Accessed via our SSL Secure Server 
  3. The patient submits the patient registration form and receives a thank-you for the submission. At this point the data received is encrypted by our server.
  4. Once the encrypted data is received our programs then convert the data into an encrypted format that is used widely for e-mail encryption called gpg/pgp encryption.
  5. The patient information data is then sent to the clinic’s office as an encrypted e-mail. Upon receipt of the e-mail in the office the clinic administrator will be flagged by her or his Outlook E-mail Program that they now have an encrypted e-mail and they should enter their password to decrypt the e-mail.
  6. After the form is decrypted they can then print out the form.
  7. Each office computer that receives encrypted email will have installed the software program called Desktop Home PGP Program which then manages the keys used for encryption and decryption and manages the decryption of incoming e-mails.

During this entire process no patient data remains on our server. Our server only acts as a intermediary medium to receive and transmit sensitive medical information in encrypted format thus the rules of HIPPA compliance are met. Its simple and full-proof.

Benefits of Secure (Encrypted) Emailing of Patient Information for the clinic:

  • Your staff can enter patient information at their convenience and prior to the patient arriving.
  • Reduction of phone calls to the office means time savings.
  • Use of e-mail creates a reduction in mailing costs.
  • Forms are more legible.
  • Healthcare providers can review the the patient’s medical history prior to the patient’s visit.

Benefits of Secure (Encrypted) Emailing of Patient Information for the Patients

  • MedClick24/7 gives your patients an alternative to the telephone when contacting your office for prescription renewal, appointments, referrals, billing questions, paying balances owed, etc.
  • They can fill out the forms at home at their own convenience where they have the information readily available.
  • They don’t have to arrive early to fill out paper work prior to their scheduled appointments.
  • It gives patients flexibility in requesting their appointment so that your staff can make an appropriate match.

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