Online Payments


Medclick 24-7 offers both manual and real-time processing of payments online for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Online Manual Payment

We have found that many clinics prefer to process
their patients’ payments manually rather than in real-time but would
like their patients to have the convenience of paying online.

Medclick 24-7 has found and created such a solution.

  1. The Patient goes to the clinic’s web site, clicks on the Online Payment link which leads to a secure web form. From here the patient enters their account number, amount owing and their credit card information.
  2. The patient submits the form and the information is then sent to the medical clinic office as an encrypted e-mail. (All the infomation has been scrambled using advanced encryption methods.)
  3. In the office the email is decrypted using the encryption software installed on the office computer
  4. The payment is then processed manually as is normally done.

Our unique online payment solution gives clinics and their patients the best of both worlds – online payment submission with manual processing.

Online Real-Time Payments

Medclick 24-7 has chosen PayPal as the payment processor for online payments
becuase of its ease of use and the fact that many people have PayPal accounts.

Our staff are PayPal Certified and have created a solution that works seamlessly with PayPal.

Try our Demonstration

See how simple the process works by trying this demonstration.

Online Payment Demo – Click Here

How much does this all cost?

The service costs $30 a month.

The setup of the forms costs $360.00

This includes the configuration of the forms to have
the same design and look as your web site and the installation
of the encryption keys on our server and guidance from us on how to install
the encryption software on the office computer.

The encryption software is from Symantec and is called PGP Desktop Email
Visit Symantec for more details: PGP Desktop Email
The costs of this software depends how much support you want from Symantec. The starting cost is $174.

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